Saturday, September 26, 2015

Paulo Baptism

Well what a week. We had a great, hot then cold then rainy week. Gotta love Brasil. 

The story of this week is Paulo Henrique. He is a young lad 12 years old. He is the nephew of Michele a recent baptism in the area. When I got here he was never really interested in the messages and the church. But one day he went to church with Michele and we started to teach him also. Two weeks ago I gave him his personal BoM and he exploded with joy. He started that night to read and pray. Over the course of these two weeks he has already reached 2 Nephi 20 and loves it. He explains to us what he reads and absolutely loves it. He is very timid and doesn’t like to talk to a whole lot of people but really opened up to us. This week we had his interview and Elder Hurd did that. When we left Elder Hurd told me. ´Well done elder he is super well prepared. ´ But in reality he was just a stud and we just happened to be in the right place at the right time to invite the kid to be baptized. 

Elder Guamangallo dunked him and I confirmed him. He is super animated and excited to learn more and more and help his family (that isn’t member yet) come to church. He is already a heck of a missionary. 

Also we talked with a lot of people this week, all with different stories. People that smoking weed, faithful members of other churches, people with problems, people without hope, people that hate us, people that love us, people that insult, people that care for us. But all in all, all need us :) We have the truth that they need, and in the middle of the hate and love we are here, preaching the truth to the people. 

For our spiritual insight of the day. We have 3 Nephi 12:6 The Master is teaching us an incredible lesson. “and blessed are all they who do HUNGER and THIRST after righteousness for they shall be filled with the Holy Ghost” what a statement. Are we Hungering and Thirsting for righteousness or are we doing our tasks reluctantly. 

WE need to hunger after the right things just like we hunger after a fast Sunday with a 1-4 block ;) we need to love to do the right, because if we do we are blessed to have the holy ghost with us. A God with us. Well then, lets get to it gente :)

Love you all :)

good week for you all :) 

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