Friday, July 31, 2015

President Interviews

Interviews with Pres. :) Photo of the Zone!!  - Elder Hurd is in my zone!

Scenes of Osasco

Our great apartment building! (it has finger print scanner and everything;) 

A little dirt trail :) In one part of our area it is forest. And I thought, "We are 10 min from the 3rd biggest city in the world, and I am only seeing trees :) " haha

That "mountain" would be the (Pico de Jaraguá) the highest point in the city of SP. We will probably scale the mount in the next few weeks :) 
The Streets of Osasco

Coco!!!!! not Cocô ;) haha it was good stuff :) 

(Soccer Field) Where all the dreams begin. And behind you will see the factory of coca-cola for SP :)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Friends in Osasco

A brother in the ward Douglas. He is awesome, he has a little doggy that I love to play with :) 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Week two in Osasco

Well this week was a good one : ) and just a reminder that the church is true. And that I have a lot to learn still... 

We had a split this week, and being a DL I have to do splits more often. And I was in another area helping a missionary that is having a few problems teaching and I went to help out. While on the spilt I walked down one street, and one thing that I am learning more and more about Brasil is they love churches, bars, and barber shops. On one street I was able pass 10 of each. 

10 Churches
10 Bar (probably more there is a bar on EVERY corner and Every street)
10 hair cutters...

like what the heck? :) It is very interesting. I am not sure how any make money.

This week we also saw a few churches with great names the best were "Assembleia de Deus Ministério Tenda na Rocha." Tent on the Rock." And "The Seven Church’s of Asia." Which is a church i guess. And the man who is a member wasn’t able to tell us his name. It was against the rules. 

Here in Brasil people are confused about churches because everywhere is like Palmyra. Churches everywhere. And the people are actually stumped and a few fed up with everything.... 

This week we taught a family with one kid who is 5. He was playing PS2 and Lego Star Wars, I was like "Dude, me and my bros played this all the time" :) sweet, I also colored with him and was able to teach the parents who are great. They will come to church with us on Sunday.

Prayers are welcome, 
I’m praying for all of you,
amo vcs :)

Elder Iverson 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello from Osasco!

Well hey there. Elder Iverson checking in from Osasco which is a city on the side of SP.  And I am in Zone Rochadale, Area Vila Menk. The boarder of my area is the boarder of Osasco and SP. :) and unfortunately it is hotter here than in Caucaia....  I think I will miss the temp of Caucaia... :) 

This week was superb. As you will know, I was transferred and the new area is great. As DL I had to give a training to the other Elders, and we talked about Diligence. And the importance of working efficiently. :) it went well, and I was actually nervous. :) haha But all is good :)

My comp is Elder Guamangallo from Ecuador. He is like 7 feet tall and I have the privilege to help "kill" him ;) He will go home in Oct. and he will probably finish the mish here with me. He is a great guy. We are one of three companionships in our ward. We are the area furthest from the church. The church is a 40 min walk! As for the first week as DL it was good, I have three companionships in my District and will gain another next week. :) 

My new comp. Elder Guamangallo from Equador!
President has got to be kidding, the other tall comps were good fun, but realy, he is taller then the shower. :) 

As for the area, it is good this week we were able to find various families that we are now teaching. :) It is an incredible time when you find a new family to teach. This week we found a family of 7, 5, and others of 3 :) My comp was shocked when we found so many new people. 

Something that I am learning on the mission is the importance of faith. Not that  "oh I believe faith." but the "I will work my butt off because I know the Lord with help me out faith". I challenge you all to increase your faith :) We all need it. :)

I love you all.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Teaching in Osasco

Teaching a new family. The little girl who is 5 grabbed our name badges and wrote the names of everybody. :) She is Geovanna. She also wanted to take a picture of her dog. I deleted the other 10 pictures that she took ;) 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hello Rochadale

 I think I got sent to the city of MIB;) haha :) 

In brasil you find all sorts of churches :)
On a spilt with the ZL we went to the favelinha. :) 

The beautiful city of Osasco at night :) 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Goodbye Caucaia

My friend Marcos. He is a killer dude, and as you will know he called me Tom Cruise and was very saddened when he found out I would be going to another area. We took pictures, with Beca also. 

And he was also drunk, and couldnt let me leave with out a kiss ;) 

We said goodbye to my good friend Ryan :) 

Bishop made a cake for me :) 

Tchau Ananias and Beca. :) 

Beca ever the goofball. :) He could leave with out a picture and a present. He got lucked and scored a basketball hoop :) 

Elder Araujo imitating Marcos ;) 

Monday, July 13, 2015


As for the Bagunça;) 

Last night we got a call that said our area would be closed and opened again. Meaning that me and Araujo would go to another area. WHAT???"!! We were a little shocked. So we started to prepare our things and visited a few people. We spent today packing our bags and getting ready for tomorrow. 

Then while we were here in the lan house we got a call from the office. Elder Araujo would now be staying in Caucaia.!! I will be leaving the area that I have called home for 4 months, and be heading to Osasco. Which is the city closest to SP. It is a good sized city. :) And I also got the news that I will be DL there. I was a little surprised, but if its what president wants then I am here to be the man he needs. 

Caucaia District
And that was our week. A week of memories and unfortunately I will have to leave a city that I have learned to love. Caucaia will always have a piece of my heart here. I truly feel saddened every time that I have to say goodbye. But it is good to know that I will still be able to chat with the people :) 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Baptism of Ryan

Sunday was the baptism of Ryan. This kid is a stud. He is 9, and has a huge desire to be baptized. Sandra his mom will be baptized soon. But Ryan literally is incredible. He went to the activity of the primary, and was one of the best, he already memorized an article of faith, he listens to the Primary songs at home and is awesome. I had the pleasure to baptize him :) 

Friday, July 10, 2015


These two dudes are Jonas and Ravel. Ravel is a member and Jonas will be baptised soon. They are like brothers, and it is way cool to see their relationship. 
(dont worry we didn't swtich the train track ;)