Monday, July 13, 2015


As for the Bagunça;) 

Last night we got a call that said our area would be closed and opened again. Meaning that me and Araujo would go to another area. WHAT???"!! We were a little shocked. So we started to prepare our things and visited a few people. We spent today packing our bags and getting ready for tomorrow. 

Then while we were here in the lan house we got a call from the office. Elder Araujo would now be staying in Caucaia.!! I will be leaving the area that I have called home for 4 months, and be heading to Osasco. Which is the city closest to SP. It is a good sized city. :) And I also got the news that I will be DL there. I was a little surprised, but if its what president wants then I am here to be the man he needs. 

Caucaia District
And that was our week. A week of memories and unfortunately I will have to leave a city that I have learned to love. Caucaia will always have a piece of my heart here. I truly feel saddened every time that I have to say goodbye. But it is good to know that I will still be able to chat with the people :) 

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