Sunday, July 5, 2015

COLD in Caucaia

Well hello my friends. This week was great. While the folk in Utah are experiencing highly highs of temp. Here in Caucaia we had a COLD front that took even this Utah Snow lovin blizzard skin missionary by surprise :) 

We got a call from the ZL that we needed to prepare for the cold. Pres. called and said that a cold front was moving in. And wowzers it was cold. So cold that you will see the pictures on Sunday I wore a sweater under my suit coat!!! :) cold!!!! 

To start off :) this week was incredibly packed. As the temple was on Tuesday the week flew by. We were able to do a lot of good :) starting on Wed. We had a split with the elders of our District. And he helped us out. Then Thursday we had a split with Adriano (our recent convert) and Cleber (1st counselor of bishop) and it was awesome. Adriano was very nervous but when we started he loosened up and was able to share a killer testimony that brought the spirit so strongly. Afterwards he told me. "Elder, there is something like burning inside of me" I was like "Lets send this lad to the mission field" He will be able to decide in 1 year if he wants to go or not :) Then we had a great Saturday. 

This Sunday was a great and sad day. Because of the cold our ward was very low in numbers, with only about 100 people...... Unfortunately the cold took it out of the people. And so the number of investigators was also low. But Lucas and Adriano got the priesthood this week :) 

Lucas, was seated on my side during the sacrament meeting and he asked me "How do I do it to bear my testimony?" I got all excited and told him just to say what he felt. And He got up there and did so well :) 

Afterwards we were able to give the Aaronic priesthood to Lucas and Adriano. And they are awesome. :) Adriano is a super good friend now, and asks all sort of questions. "I sin all the time, how will I be worth of the priesthood?" he truly is one of the best people I know. He is concerned with doing everything right. And being the only member in his family. He is a great example to his family (That isn’t too happy that he was baptized). But he is a stud and way strong.

I love you all :)

The study of the week was Alma. His mission was awesome. He had areas that were very different, and even had a similarity to me. He was alone at one point in the mission ;) haha but he is a great example of a mouth piece of the lord. He says what the Lord wants and nothing more. He is a bold example of a missionary. 

All future missionaries. Study his example. And strive to be like him :) 

I love you all :)
Transfers next week :) we will see what happens.
Praying to stay :) 

With love 

Elder Iverson 

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