Monday, July 27, 2015

Week two in Osasco

Well this week was a good one : ) and just a reminder that the church is true. And that I have a lot to learn still... 

We had a split this week, and being a DL I have to do splits more often. And I was in another area helping a missionary that is having a few problems teaching and I went to help out. While on the spilt I walked down one street, and one thing that I am learning more and more about Brasil is they love churches, bars, and barber shops. On one street I was able pass 10 of each. 

10 Churches
10 Bar (probably more there is a bar on EVERY corner and Every street)
10 hair cutters...

like what the heck? :) It is very interesting. I am not sure how any make money.

This week we also saw a few churches with great names the best were "Assembleia de Deus Ministério Tenda na Rocha." Tent on the Rock." And "The Seven Church’s of Asia." Which is a church i guess. And the man who is a member wasn’t able to tell us his name. It was against the rules. 

Here in Brasil people are confused about churches because everywhere is like Palmyra. Churches everywhere. And the people are actually stumped and a few fed up with everything.... 

This week we taught a family with one kid who is 5. He was playing PS2 and Lego Star Wars, I was like "Dude, me and my bros played this all the time" :) sweet, I also colored with him and was able to teach the parents who are great. They will come to church with us on Sunday.

Prayers are welcome, 
I’m praying for all of you,
amo vcs :)

Elder Iverson 

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