Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello from Osasco!

Well hey there. Elder Iverson checking in from Osasco which is a city on the side of SP.  And I am in Zone Rochadale, Area Vila Menk. The boarder of my area is the boarder of Osasco and SP. :) and unfortunately it is hotter here than in Caucaia....  I think I will miss the temp of Caucaia... :) 

This week was superb. As you will know, I was transferred and the new area is great. As DL I had to give a training to the other Elders, and we talked about Diligence. And the importance of working efficiently. :) it went well, and I was actually nervous. :) haha But all is good :)

My comp is Elder Guamangallo from Ecuador. He is like 7 feet tall and I have the privilege to help "kill" him ;) He will go home in Oct. and he will probably finish the mish here with me. He is a great guy. We are one of three companionships in our ward. We are the area furthest from the church. The church is a 40 min walk! As for the first week as DL it was good, I have three companionships in my District and will gain another next week. :) 

My new comp. Elder Guamangallo from Equador!
President has got to be kidding, the other tall comps were good fun, but realy, he is taller then the shower. :) 

As for the area, it is good this week we were able to find various families that we are now teaching. :) It is an incredible time when you find a new family to teach. This week we found a family of 7, 5, and others of 3 :) My comp was shocked when we found so many new people. 

Something that I am learning on the mission is the importance of faith. Not that  "oh I believe faith." but the "I will work my butt off because I know the Lord with help me out faith". I challenge you all to increase your faith :) We all need it. :)

I love you all.

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