Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Service & FHE

We start off the week with what happened on Thursday. We had a service project to help the family of investigators that we are teaching. They live in a poorer area of our area. They were moving to a hut on the same street. We helped Ricardo  and we became his friend. While we were helping him I realized how blessed I am in my life. I took for granted a whole lot of things. As Elder Araujo likes to say. "Your life is a movie" and really, I was extremely blessed to have the life that I have. The more time that I have on the mission, I realize that the mission yes is to help other people, but at the same time it is a whole lot more for me. :) 

Friday we had a great FHE with a few of YM and YW in our ward. The theme of the night was Numbers 22 which is becoming one of my favorite stories. We had a great time. One of the friends Maria asked us "What is the origin of God?" we explained to her that before eating meat, everyone needs to drink milk. We said that we will explain everything on another day, if she studied about faith and those things. Then Ana Paula's sister (who is a member of another church) came in and asked what we were talking about. Me and my comp were quiet, and she pressed a little more, and Maria asked her question again. And the sister made a comment that was like this "God is a spirit" I thought "OPA!" E Araujo grabbed his bible and headed over. I simply left the scene because I knew what would happen. And what ensued was a 30 min bash.. :) haha they were so into it they didn’t even realize that I was taking pictures of them. While the bash was happening the same Maria told me that the things that we said make sense, and that the things Eide (Ana Paula's sister) said didn’t :)

On Saturday we talked with our good friend Matilda. She is an incredible woman. She sees things how they are. One of the coolest things that she said, "you can get what you want in life with two things. Honesty, and Humility." WOW.. I would challenge all of you to work on those two things. I know that they will bless your lives. I am also trying my best to work on these two things :) 

Love. Laugh. Serve. and Love more. 

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