Monday, December 28, 2015

2016, 500th Day

Well this next week will definitely go down in history. My time in Vila Menk has come to an end and I will be going to another area (Jardim das Rosas) with a familiar face (Elder Aguiar) who I will have the privilege to "matar". He will be finishing his mission in February, and I will be the last companion that he has. And with the new area comes a new calling as Zone Leader. President called and I will be a ZL. I hope to be able to serve the Lord with all my strength in a new area and in a new position. 

Elder Aguiar - I served with him 2 weeks in Caucia.  Now we will be companions again.
This week was a great one. As the peps know Natal is a day way special for the missionaries, and I had a fabulous time talking to the family :) It was good to see their smiling faces and Porter, that is now the tallest of the family. But now is the time to refocus on the work that we have at hand and help our lost brothers and sisters in Zone Macedônia. 

This week we had a great time to teach Edimilson. We found him on Saturday. We taught him the 1st lesson and gave them the BoM. We we returned on Tuesday we were very surprised with the outcome. Edimilson read twice, his kids each read it once, and they loved what they read. We were able to bare testimony of the reality of the BoM and help them come to church on Sunday. Sadly only Edimilson was able to come; his kids (14, and 11) weren’t able. But he loved the church. It was a great meeting we could feel the spirit and learn a lot. 

On Sunday we also got the call that I would be going away, which was almost certain being here for more than 5 months. It is always hard to move, but new challenges and new success always await behind the changes. We will be edified and strengthened according to our faith and prayers. Jesus Christ is our Mestre, and support in the trying times. Count on him, he is always there :)

I love you all.
Elder Iverson

Feliz 2016🎉

Rain Storms are crazy here.  This is the flooded street on our way home Christmas Eve.

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