Monday, December 7, 2015

Love above all Else

This week was one that I yet again could learn a whole lot. We started the month of December, which is crazy that we are already again at the end of the year. This week we had a Zone Conference with many zones of the mission. And many other things happened that were awesome.

To start of Presidente asked that we study about repentance and he gave us a few talks to study. WOW. We realize how importance the Savior is in the process of repentance. We learned how we can better help our investigators repent and how we as missionaries can repent. We learned that only through true and sincere repentance we can become true disciples of Jesus Christ. We learned that repentance isn’t bad or something we need to fear. It is something we need to love, cherish, and use. We are in a great season of the year where we have a special spirit. Take advantage of this time and repent of the things we all do that are wrong. We all are sinners. 

Classic study pic

This week we got to know some amazing examples of love. While walking in the street at 8:30pm we were stopped by an older lady that called us over. We stopped and talked to her for a good time about her life about her family and other things. Her son is a member of the church in another ward. We talked to her about the church; she has never been. She had some trials recently. She had a problem in her veins and had to amputate her right leg. She also has some health problems but didn’t let any of them get her down. She was super friendly and when 9pm approached we kindly said we need to go. But she said. "DO you want a banana before you go?" We said yes and we entered her humble home. She then proceeded to make us tea and we ate bread. She was so happy to have us in her home. We then insisted "We thank you so much but we need to go" And before leaving she said "The bananas!" And then put 20 bananas, 6 mangos, 6 oranges, 6 packs of yogurt, and a huge jar of homemade candy. :) with heavy sacks we thanked her for her kindness and headed away. It was one of the moments that I felt most loved by a person. :) Thanks irmã Vilma.

Irma Vilma how is a really sweet lady.  A grandma that is really loving and wants to help out a lot.

Another thing that I was able to learn this week is more humility. We are here as missionaries to help God with his work, it isn't ours. We are here to save the people. What stands in between these people and their salvation is two 19 yr-old kids. opa. We have a responsibility to help these people. This is something that I always knew, but this week we had a few moments that the spirit was so strong and I felt the weight of our work to help God, and I was like "WOW, I am here helping these people, I need to love them a whole lot more" This week I really focused on the love factor. And it was a tough week, it is so hard when you love someone so much, and they don’t understand, and we bare strong testimony of the truth. It is difficult, but no one said that the mission was going to be easy. We are here to work, work, work. And it is incredible to see the Lord work through us. 

 Our Condominium Nativity
I challenge you all to have the spirit of Christmas, which is truly the spirit of missionary work. And share what you have with others. Share the gospel, Be loving, Serve your neighbor, Help who needs it.

I love you all. 
Elder Iverson 

PS Good news. Elder Castro (my companion in Caucaia) is now in his own mission in Minas Gerais (a state here in Brasil) :) 

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