Monday, January 18, 2016

A Bit Confusing

This week was a great week. We had the chance to do some great things. We also see many things that are shocking, humbling, and saddening. 

This week we taught some young men that are Bruno's friends. They are Lucas, Mateus, and Diego. We were able to share the message of the restoration with them and bare our testimonies to them. We also marked them to be baptized at the end of the month. Lucas is the most excited and certain to be baptized. He is 17 and a stud. He loves to come to church, and learn, he can feel the spirit and he knows that the church is true. We are currently in the process to help him stop smoking, he has smoked since he was 12. He currently smokes 2 or 3 per day, so it will be easy for him to stop. 

Something that always amazes me is the faith of the people that we teach. They are so strong to leave behind the bad habits they have, and go forward with faith, not knowing everything, but knowing that they will be blessed. I hope that we can also do this, have the faith to keep the commandments even when we aren't sure. God will help and strengthen us. 

We also had interviews with President this week. We were able to talk to him about our zone, and also about our lives as missionaries and also as people. He is awesome and helps us out. He talked about how in these last 8 or so months I need to continue work hard and help the people out. 

The mission is an incredible place, I hope all that are in doubt or concern, will rely on faith in the lord; he will help you out and strengthen you. 

The church is true, read the scriptures, they will help you out. :) 

In Brazil it is often times difficult to find homes. As you can see by the address numbers, it can be a bit confusing!

You know you're poor when you have to use your broken watch as a clock:)

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