Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Atonement is REAL

What a great week. 

This week we had a devotional with all the missionaries in the world. We had the chance to hear from the Apostles and 70s about how we can be better missionaries. We could feel the spirit and it was a great experience to see all the friends from the mission. We watched in the church by the temple. 

This week we had an amazing opportunity to see the Atonement of Christ in action. We have a few members and investigators that have problems with some commandments and we were able to bare testimony of how the Atonement will help them in there lives and help them move their very nature. And they started to cry. It was an amazing experience to see the people so moved by the spirit and how Christ is here to help us all :) 

I love you all I know that Christ lives. He is here to remove the pain from our lives. He loves us. And takes care of us. If we could see how much he does for us EVERY day we would be shocked. :) 

I love you all.

Take advantage of the time you have, it passes fast.

Elder Iverson

PS: Elder iverson will be returning home on the 19th of July :) 

I'm coming home... July 19th!

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