Monday, April 18, 2016

Out with President

Don’t worry its not our Mission President. He will still be here until June. But here is Brasil is getting kinda crazy with politics. They had a vote yesterday to impeach their president and she will be going to like presidential court to probably be impeached.. All the people in the street and when we enter in their houses tells us about it.

This week was a great week to learn more about why we need to be grateful. This week we talked to many people who have a few difficulties with the family. While every family has a few fights and arguments, I am so grateful for the family that I have.

Something that was really cool this week. We have 2 young women that were baptized a little before I got here in Jd das Rosas. They were having a hard time and their mom was very very stressed out. We were able to share with them things about general conference like The family council and how this communication can help them have more love in their home. We returned another day and they were already better. And we counseled them to have family prayer. I was able to bare testimony of how grateful I am for my family always have family prayers. It is an essential part of a successful family. Keep up the work those who are praying as a family. And those who aren't. Start today!:) 

Also in my studies I found one awesome scripture. D&C 6:7 we need to be rich in the gospel so that we can receive the most amazing blessings. We don’t have notion of the blessings that await us. We know that it will be incredible. But it will be more than we can imagine. 

I love you all. The mission is great. I love being Elder.

Birthday S/O to my now priesthood holding little brother Jettstar who will get the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday. feliz niver.

with love

Elder Iverson

These are some pictures of us looking for our church building. I don't know if you can see it. It is a little point out there. ;) haha our area is kinda big. 


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