Monday, April 4, 2016

We Have A Prophet

Fransisco & Lucia members of 20 years.  They love to feed the missionaries lunch.

What a spectacular week and weekend that we all had, throughout the world, whether you be in Brasil, or Utah, or the Grand Canyon- Conference was awesome. And not just because it is the last General Conference in the mission. 

I was really inspired by the talks that were given and say that we need to be better everyday. I could really see the focus on the holy Ghost and how we need to be worthy of his presence. Also how we need to pay attention to how he will help us out. because through the HG we are able to know what God wants us to do. And if we can know what God wants us to do, then we are in really good shape. I love the words of the Apostles and Prophet that encourage and inspire. We know, as Pres Eyring started, that the testimonies that are born at Conference are so powerful and we need to pay attention to how we are feeling. This conference was one that I could literally feel the spirit with me, it was an incredible feeling of love, and calmness. I love that the spirit can help me as a missionary, can help you as a member of the church, and can also touch the hearts of those who haven't made the step yet to be baptized. I love how he can help so many people with so many different things at the same time. How does he do it? He is a God, he is powerful, and he is able to do all that The Father asks of him. I know that through the study of the scriptures we can learn how to recognize the HG. And we can feel of his presence. 

I know that the prophet said what God needed him to say. We need to make the right choice, we don’t need to be popular, cool, recognized or loved, we just need to chose the right. If we do that, we will be blessed. 

I love you all, and encourage that you all go back and study these talks.

I am well, healthy and excited for the work that will be done here in Jd das Rosas. I love being a missionary.

Elder Iverson

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