Saturday, September 6, 2014

Week 2

Well, this has been quite the week at the MTC.

To start out the weeked was good, Sundays are my favorite day here at the MTC. And this sunday I had the privilege of being called to be the Zone Leader over Ramo or Branch 1. So there is that for you :) and I am loving every minute of being the ZL. I don't have do do much, but it came as a bit of a shock to me. I get to run papers around every week, make sure the districts are behaving, have more stuff to do besides learn Portuguese, and just enjoy it I guess.

So on Saturday, before my call to be ZL, me and Elder Hurd had the chance to teach a bible bashing investigator.  And while we had a stellar lesson planned, the actual lesson didn't go so well.  

Sunday, like I said was the day that I got made ZL and I enjoy these days because they are very spiritual and laid back, the schedule gives you more free time and it is good to rest, and write home, and study on my own. Also on Sunday I met an Elder that was in the Provo MTC with E Wallace. He was quite fond of him, and I was like "Yeah, thats my best friend".  That was a cool little connection I made with that lad. Ok we are now on to monday, today I was kind of frustrated with the language.  We were learning Past Subjective and how to use it, and I couldn't quite grasp it. I was very bummed about that. But to cheer my day up I guess, we have an Elder, who you met at the airport, Elder Kendle, he is hilarious.  Sadly he doesn't quite get the language, at all, and I feel super bad about that, but he plays it off as a total joke. He makes all of us laugh. Some of his famous quotes from these last 2 weeks are "Its one of the dois" "Sim" "Por favor ajuda me spreakin portuguese" He was just trying to speak so well, and he can't, I feel bad, but he laughs at him self and doesn't really care yet. I am praying for him to understand the language better.    

The next day was a touching one for me. My companion was having a good day, until we got to our room in the evening, he kind of broke down. He said that he felt bad, because he is sometimes or all the time impulsive and gets into arguments a lot. So he started crying about how he wants to be more loving and care less about when people are jerks. So we had a good talk and I shared Mosiah 4:19 "For are we not all beggers?" That calmed him down a little and he was a little happier after that.  

I also got the chance to meet a crazy awesome elder from SLC. He went to Olympus HS, and I think the reason I like him so much, is he reminds me of Whitey. He plays basketball, he is inappropriate a little not too much, he is missing ladies in his life, and many other things, so we became friends fast, not because I was missing ladies or am inappropriate but because he does remind me of my good friend Whitey. We had the chance to teach on Wed an inactive member, and he complimented us on our Portuguese for being in the MTC for only 2 weeks. Its crazy that I have been here for that long. I don't think it has been that long, but I try not to think of the airport :) 

I also got to see E Chrittenden, Im not sure if you knew him, but he went to FHS and we were pretty good friends. He left Tuesday for the campo, as it is called here, and he was super excited.  We got to go to the temple in Sao Paulo today. Absolutely gorgeous. It is stunning and it is just in the middle of the city.  There is a lot of city, then the temple and the inside is gorgeous. I'm not sure if I told you last time, but they allow us to do the session in English, but the veil workers representing God, don't speak English, so it makes for a little bit of a hard time. Next week I am going to try it in Portuguese. I will let you know how it goes.  

I would like to end with some quotes from my "gangsta" instrutor Irmao Barros. "Para-Freakin-bens Man" "Shut your cracka' mouth!" "Make it Rain" (while doing the make it rain motion) and he also knows about every rap song ever to come out and frequently says "Im getting paper, look at me now" All of us love him and he is a stud. Our other teacher is quite different. He doesn't speak english to us, and is a lot more crazy, and speaks only about 100 mph, imagine Chebawka from Star Wars thats what his Portuguese can sound like at times. HAHA. Love you all and miss you like crazy, but sorry, not coming home.  
Irmao Barros

Love you so much. Elder Iverson

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