Monday, August 17, 2015

A Tough One!


This week was a tough one. With little success and lots of time in the street -  it is always good to have these weeks. It humbles you. It makes you stronger and you learn a lot. 

The week was filled with teaching a few people and sadly finding no one. And the week was capped off with a surprise talk that Elder Iverson had to give. I got a call 8:15 that I was needed to talk :) good to know that it was only a few min :) I gave my talk on Love. And that we need to have a love for Christ. He offers everything to us. Are we willing to use what he has for us? What can we give to the Lord? We can only give him our love and how do we do that? Being Obedient. :) strive to be more obedient :)

What I learned this week was great. While reading the BoM I learned more and more about how the Atonement can move our lives. While reading the story of Amon and Lamoni of course it tells us how sweet Amon was in cutting all the arms off. But while reading I caught something interesting. Lamoni. He was brutal. We read in ch 17 that he did a few things with the Nephites that entered his land. Killed them. Put them in prison, or kick them out of the land. But something interesting happened when Amon went there. We read that when Amon said he wanted to live in the Lamonite land, Lamoni was miraculously touched. (v24) And as we tell his story we learn that everything Amon did he was more and more touched. But why was he touched. We read in v2-3 that Amon wasn’t a normal Nephite. He was prepared and had the Holy Ghost as a guide. We don’t need to say much, the spirit will say everything important. We read in ch 18 v 2, then 10, then 18 that Lamoni was more and more amazed with Amon. The dude just didn’t seem to mess up. So much that Lamoni was like "Crap! this dude has got to be a god!" We then read in chp 19 that he was taught and converted to such a point that in v31 he started to preach to the people with out stopping. WHAT A story. We read later that he stood up against his dad. Freed religion to all the people and was a huge part of why the Lamanites were converted. 

Question: Is the gospel is as sweet to us as it is to the converts? Do we have the same desire to let our brothers and sisters experience the same change that we have felt in our lives? 

The Atonement changed the lives of so many people. Are you willing to let it change yours?

With love 
Elder Iverson
ps. "oops..... 1 yr :)

That is Elder Paixão. We were playying around, don't worry I am still alive. :) 

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