Monday, August 3, 2015

Baptism in Rochadale

What a sweet week for the crew here in Rochadale. :) The week passed quickly as ever. There were a few things that caught my attention this week. 

First we had a baptism :) sweet :) The guy is Claudinei. He is 20 and a stud. 

He had some serious problems in the past. For example he went to the Universal (a church) and was baptized, and turned wacko.... Like he would get really angry and do weird things. His mom was very concerned. When the elders started to teach him he improved a lot. 

When we were teaching him this week he showed some doubt; and his mom, which loves him, didn’t want him to be baptized. She was like he already was. And so what do you do. I talked to her for 10 min. And said the phrase "This is why Claudinei chose to be baptized" like 30 times. I didn’t give him the chance to back out. And he loved it. And all went well. 

(Quick side story. Pedro and Dayane who are Claudinei's neighbors gave the reference to the elders. So I thought that it would be a good idea to have Pedro, member of 4 years, baptize Claudinei. SO I told Claudinei that Pedro wanted to baptize him. And when we told Pedro. Oh My Word. He was so happy, he gave a jump, and was like a child on Christmas. IT was incredible the happiness that he showed) 

On the day of the baptism Claudinei and Pedro were nervous. Pedro was practicing the prayer, and when he got into the water he got even more nervous, and forgot the prayer. So Elder Guamangallo (or Guama for short) said the prayer and he repeated :) and after three times they got it down. Claudinei loved it, he said "I am baptized, I felt it, it is awesome." What a neat guy.

Another story of the week is Franceli. She is a contact that Guama did the other day. When we went there for the first time the house was a mess, not physically but emotionally. Since we have visited her, her life took a 180 degree spin. And she is happier then ever. She said at first "When I have time, I will got to your church" but on Friday she said. "I will be at the church on Sunday" and she went and absolutely loved it. She said she felt a peace and was awesome. We visited her yesterday and she said I know that the Book of Mormon is true and the church is true, and we just sat there with our mouths open like "What?" this doesn't happen everyday. She is incredible. She stopped smoking alone last week, what? This woman is incredible. Look forward to another baptism in Aug. :) 

We are having a great time here in Vila Menk. We have to walk a lot, more than whatever area that I have been in, but it is good. We live on top of a hill, so every night we climb up :) haha 

I love you all, life is good, and be ready for everything that life throws at you. Who knows, maybe a Japanese kid will take your spot in your family. :)

The church is true, God lives, and life is meant to be lived. Do what you know is right, follow the spirit and love everyone. We have a power that we don't fully realize :)
Until next week :) 
c amor 

Elder Iverson :) 

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