Monday, October 5, 2015

I'm Officially an Assassin

Well, its over, I killed him... :) it took two transfers but I was able to do it. I hope the best for Elder Guamangallo as he arrives in Ecuador tomorrow. He is a good guy that will have a good life. 

As for life here. I am on a split with the other Elders of Rochdale. It is good fun. I will stay here all day and tomorrow I will get my new comp. It is a familiar face. Elder Nanco. He was in Caucaia with me, and will be coming to Rochdale to be my comp :) It will be a great experience I will be LD here still. :)

As for the news everyone is talking about the conference? and all I have to say is WOW. If you didn’t catch the message. We aren't doing the simple things. We need to return to do the basics. Hows your faith? Scripture study? Prayers? Attitude about the sacrament? (one of the most important things I think) 

A few notes from conference.
Uchtdorf: be willing to be "burnt" for the right cause.
Lawrence: opa, what faults for you?
Holland: WOW.
Pres Monson: Keep the Commandments. (like "why the heck aren't you doing it now?) 
Keetch: are we frustrated with the barriers in our lives? if so? we need to change our perspective. 
Bednar: a beautiful tribute to the experienced people in our church. Everyone is util and needed.

Remember that the prophets speak for God and his son Christ. We need to return to do what we have always been taught. Are we really using the sacrament as a gift? to purify and move us? or are we forgetting the whole purpose of Sunday. The mission and with teh recente enfacis on Sunday worship. We really need to get better my friends. including me.  And so we are stuck with the question Will you be humble enough to let the talks move your nature?  Or will you stay the same stubborn you?

The church is true.  Christ Lives. and loves us.
We are the heirs of the celestial Kingdom.
Are we doing whats necessary? 

Love Elder Iverson

ShoutOut to my Boy Matt :) 

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