Monday, October 19, 2015

The Week Here in Oscaso

This week was a great one that I personal learned a whole lot.  My comp is great and still a goof ball. He loves to tell jokes, do magic, and talk. I am learning a whole lot with him and we are able to work well together. 

This week I really learned a lot about the family that I have and how fortunate that I am. This week we found a family that is in ruins.....The mom and dad are fighting for the year that they have been together. The beer is tearing his life apart. And the saddest part of this all is there is a kiddo who is 15 in the middle of them. When we went there I felt impressed by the spirit to tell them that they need to work on three things. Patience. Humility. Desire.

We in our lives often like to put the blame on others: “Well if he would move our relationship would get better.” “If we would stop doing this, we would be better.” 

Like Pres Uchtdorf said a few conferences ago, and we say when the bishop says something at church and we hear that we need to get better. “I'm glad that Brother Smith is here”.   We need to be humble enough to say. "Crap, I messed up" which is way hard. We don’t like to hear that. But we need to have the humility to say that. And also the patience to realize the other people in the world are working on their problems. They also have problems. And we need to let them struggle through and not judge them so quickly.

Lastly we need to have the desire to move. The desire to be better, the desire to be humble, the desire to help others. With these three things our lives we will see the spirt in our lives, and it will help us be better every single day.

This week we meet a few people that liked the USA. There were two girls that asked where I lived. When then discovered that I was from the USA they asked do you know "Big Time Rush" when I said Yes. They freaked out!!! They even started to yell, and jump.... haha :) It was a little weird but really funny. :) 

The silly girls that LIke Big Time Rush. 
(Juila, Gabriley, Carla, Elba and little Fernanda)
This week we also got to know a family that has a dad who loves the Beatles. so much that his sons are named John Lennon and Paul McCartney . Yes John and Paul :) haha it was way funny when we did a street contact with him. haha 

The mission is going very well, I love you all and a good luck S/O to my sis who is playing in the state tournament this week. Go watch the girls kick some Davis butt this week.

Way to Go Ell!!! :)

Love you all. 
Elder Iverson

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