Monday, October 26, 2015

The Work Moves On

Iran and his family.
The week was a sweet one that will be hard to forget as far as crazy things goes. This week I had two splits. One with Elder Mostacero (from Lima Peru) and another with Elder Meira (from Rio Grande do Sul a state here in BR) I like to do splits, they give you a lot of experience to learn and realize what we still need to do to get better every day. Life is a process. We have got a long way to go. But while we were in a split me and Mostacero taught Iran. (yes Iran is his name). He is a guy who has been living with a member for 13 years. They have 2 kids together.  Other elders have taught him and he knows almost everything. He has a tough situation that his birth certificate is wrong and needs his mom to help him, but she doesn’t want to move it. But this week his mom switched it, and they will be able to be married soon. :) God helps us out :)

Also he smokes, or I should say smoked!!!! We got there and he had little time. So I grabbed the BoM and we read Alma 7:11-15. When he read v15 he couldn't finish because he was crying. He always had a little bit of fear to be baptized but we told him like it says in Alma "Come and fear not, and leave on the side all the sins that easily entangle you" he was touched, and we bore our testimony that he would be able to quit smoking. From that day he hasn't picked up another cigarette!!!!! That was Tues!!!! :) WOW.

On Wednesday I bought a hat from a kid that we always see in the street. I said, “I like your hat want to give it to me?”, he said R$20. Deal I gave him 20, and didn’t grab the hat because we were working, he gave me the hat two days after in the street :) haha

Sun was the Primary Program here in Rochadale. It was so awesome. The best part is always the music. You ask how is the primary Program here. Well its the same thing with less children. The kids get to say 3 or 4 parts. One of the best things was a youngin named Marcos he said. "I will give my talk on the Restoration and Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was tired of all the other false churches so he and his 12 friends organized the church" haha well we know that it didn't exactly happen that way, but it was so cute to here him talk about his testimony :) The Church is true my friends :) 
Today we had the sweet chance to go to the highest point in SP city. Pico Jaragurá. Or Jaragura Peak. It was a great little hike of 20 km. We had a great time, saw a few animals, and got way tired. But it was all worth it. On a normal day you can see a lot of things, but today was a little polluted.... o well. We even talked to some other elders and sisters from another mission. and a family from Draper. Weird that you would find people there :) 

The work is going well. We worked our butts off this week to have a lot of people in the church on Sunday with many people that said they would come, only Iran came with his family..... not everything can work out how we always want it, but if we are working hard, we can do miracles:) 

I love you all, 
Read the scriptures, pray with real intent, and grab your buckets, to catch the blessings. :)
Stay Humble my friends

Elder Iverson

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