Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Americans in the Rose Garden

Whats up my family and friends. All is well here in Brasil. Me and Elder Stevens (my second comp from GA). As Dad said, we will be making a trip to GA maybe around April or something like that.

Here the work is going forth. This week was one that shows us we can just get better. With little success we know that the Lord is asking more and more of us. We were able to help Kelly (who is Vitoria's and Maria's mom) more with her smoking habit. We were able to use the BoM and bare testimony how God and Jesus Christ help us out. When we have confidence in God, we realize that we are nothing, we depend complete on God. He is our help and support. 

This week taught us many principles. Our best today, isn't enough for tomorrow. If I am not getting better, I am getting worse. So we made some goals and looked at our schedule, we will have a stellar week.

This week we had the chance to hear from Pres Costa (he is 70 and Pres of the area Brasil) in Stk Conference. We also heard from our Pres Del Guerso and Sister Del Guerso. 

He talked about Happiness and Pleasure, and how we need to find true happiness.  The most powerful talk was Pres Costa. He gave a powerful talk about how we need to know Christ better. When we know Christ we get to know God the Father. And we need to know him, because one day we will be like him. He gave a powerful testimony how Christ is strong, powerful, and loving. He is a resurrected being that is glorified. He love us, he looks after us, and He is our Savior. In the middle of all our tasks we need to remember this. Jesus Christ is the only shot we got. He is the reason for everything. Why we go to church, why we read the scriptures, why we love, why we serve, why we go to the temple, why we are missionaries, why we have FHE, why we live. The sooner we can recognize this the better off we will be. 

We as representatives of Jesus Christ bare testimony that he is our Savior. He lives, and love us. I know this. 

I love you all.
Look for ways everyday to know more of Christ.

Elder Iverson

SP Brasil


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