Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Carnival in the Rose Garden

Well this was a great week. We celebrated Carnival which has turned to a big mess here in Brasil. The people like to use whatever excuse to head to the bar or have a party. But in the middle of it all, we know that God never stops working. And if God doesn't stop working, his hands will always be active. We as missionaries are God's hands. We have been working hard to help our friend Lucas enter in the waters of baptism. And this week all the hard work paid off. He enter the waters with Bruno baptizing him. 

The day of the Baptism !!
Bruno, Lucas, and Lu (bruno's mom)

He didn't have an easy go, but he knew what he wanted and followed the answer that the Holy Ghost gave him. He is a great example of how the atonement of Jesus Christ can move people for the better. :) 

This week Was the last week with my good friend Elder Aguiar who returned home. He is now happy with his family. 

Well the first pictures are of a little somthing that me and Aguiar made up... haha yes that is an orange tied to string ;) haha 
Sweet dessert that an irmã made for us :) 

The angry ape mask with Edvannia (the sister that made the dessert)

Aguiar and Pinzon were very tired this day. :)

A FHE / going away party for Aguiar. I had to run to do the inverview for Lucas and it started to rain, I got soaking wet while the others ate pizza :) 
Here the work goes forth. I got a new comp. And guess what, he is also from Georgia:)  2 comps from the states and they are from the same state. Crazy huh, his name is Elder Stevens. He is a stud, he has a little more time in the mission then me, he will go home the 7th of June. We will work well together. He is very hard working, and determined. With the two of us together great things will be done. 

I hope that you all read the scriptures. They help us so much. :)  Until next Monday. :) 

PS: closing in on a Sister's mission ;) (next week: 20th) 
My new planner :) 

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