Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Milagres Acontece

Well this week was a drastic change from the last week. This week was one that was very easy to see the work of God in our work. 

This week we really focused on teaching the parents of Bruno, who aren't members yet, and another married couple. 

When we talk to José and Lu, Bruno's parents, they like the church a whole lot, they love the missionaries (when Aguiar went home lots of tears were shed) and love to listen to us. We always have spiritual lessons and Jose is changing his life. He was a heavy drinker, and we always talked to him about how he will be better when he stops. These past 2 weeks we have just focused on the BoM with them and yesterday Jose told us that it has been 8 days that he hasn’t drank one drop of beer!!!!!! :) WOW!!!!!! it is amazing how God helps the people when we least think it will happen.

This week we started teaching a married couple (Marcilene and Francisco) They are from the North of Brasil and aren’t married, we were able to teach about the restoration and the plan of salvation. They have a son who is 2. They weren’t too excited about getting married, and we told them about the importance of getting married. We invited them to church and they didn’t go. When we visited them yesterday, they said they went in their church (catholic) and that they were going to get married, they just need to mark a date to do it. :) I was like really??? is this happening. When we talked about eternal families with them yesterday, Francisco almost cried. We are amazed at the spirit and how he is able to touch the hearts of those that we can’t.

We also were able to find some awesome new investigators and we are excited that Lucas will be getting the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday. He is excited, and will help with the sacrament and also is helping his brother and uncle come to church, and will be able to baptize them :) 

We love being missionaries. God doesn't help us, he Uses us to fulfill his purposes. These 18 months have changed a lot of how I think about the world, God, and my family. I know that God is real. I know that my family will be eternal one day. 

I love you all, have a great week.
Elder Iverson

'sister mission complete'   

FHE with Rodrigo, Viviane, and their two sons, Migel and Gabriel.

Also Rodrigo's siblings: Diego, Natasha, and Samara.It was an awesome FHE with a funny game at the end, sadly I wasn't able to win.. :) 

This is Maria and Vitoria's family. Only Maria and Vitoria are members. They are 13 and 16, we are working with their mom Kelly (with the hat) 

This is Tiago he is an awesome member in our ward. We had churrasco with him on Sunday :) 

Stevens, me, Elder Villar (peru) and Elder Alves from the south of Brasil. 

And a typical district meeting:) Elder Farias and Elder Barton giving a training. :) 

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