Monday, November 16, 2015


Well life is all good here in Vila Menk. Me and Elder Ñanco are having a great time. This week was a great one as far as work goes. 

This week I had to help out in an English class. The other elders in our ward were walking and a guy did a contact with them. He said "Are there any english speakers that you know?" They grabbed his number and asked me to call him. I got to go to his english class that is just 4 woman that are trying to learn some english. It was a cool experience that I could bare my testimony in English, and tell them about somethings. Only the teacher and one woman understood exactly what I was saying but it was cool.  I was able to tell where I live, what I like to do here in Brasil, and what my schedule is. They were amazed at the work we do every day visiting the people. They said that they would come to church with us some day. :) 

Also we had a great chance to teach some new people this week. One of the things that amazes me is how incredible the people of Brasil are. They are so kind and loving and are willing to give you the shirt off your back. This week the weather turned up the heater. It was a good hot one this week. There is nothing better than sweating in church clothes....;) but it is part of the mission. The people are so ready to give you water or food if you just clap at their door :) 

This week we finally got to take a picture with John Lenon and Paul Mckartney :) There is a guy Carlos who is a super fan of The Beatles and he named his kids John and Paul. Who would have thought? It was a little weird asking if John Lenon lived at the house 😎

We have a cool story. So when we went to visit a investigator with Douglas who is a member, and he wasn’t home we were walking back and ran into one of Douglas's friends we invited him to the church and he came the next day which was Sunday. We weren’t able to teach him during the week, but he came again on Sunday, he even invited a friend that didn’t come. But after the church we had the chance to teach him. It was awesome because he brought two other friends. This guy is awesome. He is already giving us references and helping us out before his baptism. That we are helping him prepare for late Nov Early Dec. His date is the 6th for now, but could be sooner :) It is awesome always a great spiritual lesson with him.

And on Sunday was the day of the famous transfer call. And.......... we didn’t get one. The Chile/USA combo will be reppin it for another transfer. We will do well, we are working well together and have a great group of people to visit.

Read John 16;33 we have a lot of things that happen in our lives, but we always have Jesus Christ to help us out, he has already conquered the world :) 
I love you all

Elder Iverson

PS just so you all know, the Christmas music is already being played here. We love Christmas!!!!:) 

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