Monday, November 30, 2015

Let the Fun Begin!!

Hello my friends :) this week was yet again a great one. We always learn a lot and have a heck of a fun time. The fun that I am referring to is of course Natal!!!! :) or as we English speakers know it Christmas!!!! :) it is already Dec. (well tomorrow) and we are super excited, we already decorated our tree and put up our stockings, and are as stoked as ever. 

Also as missionaries we are excited to work. This Christmas we have the goal to baptize 4 people before Christmas. And it will be a race to find the people who are ready for us. :) We have recently found some new families to teach and even two that accepted to be baptized. We will need to do our part, and help them get in to the font :) 

This week we had a crazy one as far as weather goes. We had a a few days as hot as can be, and a few rainy ones. But the craziest was Saturday. This Saturday we woke up with a crazy sun pounding on us. We were as happy as ever to go to work, and had even planned a split with two members. We were confirming the split and one member was not able to come, in a panic we thought "Who will help us out now?" we had many appointments at the same time and needed another to help. We called Djalma who is a recent convert of the other Elders and asked if he could help us out, he said he would be more than happy to do so. And in less than an hour he was in dress clothes, sweaty and ready to help. :) We went to the first appointment and he wasn’t home, so we went to the next. And luckily caught them home it was a referral from a sister in Baronesa. We talked to them, and Djalma bore his testimony of the church and at the end of the lesson we marked them for baptism. They were excited and not certain but we will do our best to help them out. We then went to visit Roberto who is our friend who will be baptized this week. And we taught him the Word of Wisdom and Chastity. He was very accepting and said. "If the prophet said it, I will obey." WOW :) this guy gets better every time. We did our other visits and ended at 8:30 to undo the split. We had a quick snack with Renato, (the other member who went with Elder Nanco) and headed home, sun burt and tired. And what happened. About halfway home it started to pour cats and dogs!!!! :) it was nuts. After a super hot day we had to run home in the pouring rain. It was awesome. :) Got to love the mission. So I didn’t just return home sunburnt but also soaking wet :) 

On Sunday we had planned to have a lot of people with us at church. Unfortunately only Willen went. Who is an investigator for a long time. More than a year. And while watching the meeting he told his friend Douglas(who is member) that he wanted to be baptized :) wow.... :) God is incredible. He works in mysterious ways, but always blesses us. :)

This time of the year, don’t ever forget the reason for the season. We have lots of stuff to do this season, but don’t ever forget "The Heart of Christmas". Share the gospel with your friends. We have been given much, and a simple and incredible thing that we can give to God is our friends who don’t have the gospel like we have. Don’t be afraid. God will help and guide us as we do. :) 

Elder Iverson


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