Monday, November 23, 2015

Friendship, the Truth, and What Really Matters

Hello my friends, as Christmas gets closer, and the year comes to a close, the world turns a little more to the Savior. We know that we should always have the Savior on our minds, but this season gives a little extra something that the rest of the year doesn't have. So as you go about your activities, (school, work, shopping, soccer, or maybe a cruise?;) always look to do good for all people. We are a light in the world, and we need to be an example of the believers as our loving Prophet told us this last conference.

This week was a great one for us as missionaries. As you will know we started teaching a guy named Roberto. Last Sunday he brought 3 of his friends and we were able to talk to all of them. In the course of this week we were able to visit all of them, and teach them more about the gospel. The enemy in his attempts to shake the faithful will create doubt, lies, and uncertainty in our minds. And sometimes our friends, and neighbors will shake our testimonies. As we talked with Roberto this week with his other Friend Daniel, Roberto sadly told us how their other friend had been shaken from the truth, and desisted before reaching the end. Our fallen friend was shaken by the falsehoods that are often spread about us and our work. But Satan can't and won't EVER conquer the hearts of the strong. Roberto got into a fight with his mom about what some people were saying of the church. In his humble and growing testimony he said "Mom, its not like that there. Its different. They are lying. They are wrong. I felt it." WOW. There is nothing that gives you more goosebumps then when a young testimony is bore with confidence. Roberto was also very saddened by his friend who didn’t want more. He is awesome, and can spin a basketball on whatever surface. (Finger, Knuckle, Hat, Broom, Cellphone, Chair, even an old school Nintendo.)

This week I have really learned what really matters in our lives. As I ponder on the Life of Christ I learn what he gave value, and what I need to do as well. We are here to do what God wants. Yes we can have fun, go to the movies, play soccer, even video games. But what happens is we put more focus on these things, we need to put our focus on God. God needs to be our everything. IF we can do this. We will be extremely Blessed :)

I love you all, remember what really is important.

Elder Iverson

PS. I was able to complete Nana's challenge, even before the cruise. :)  

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