Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week of Unfortunate Events

Sorry about the email that didn't come on Monday. Here we visited the street 25th of March. It is in the center and is just stores and more stores. We also visited Sé which is the very center of Sao Paulo. The pictures with the giant catholic church is the park. It was awesome go to the center again. I bought some new ties (always good for elders):) 

On the journey home we got caught by a crazy rain storm. It started out of no where and rained like crazy, we were waiting at the bus stop, and it rained hard for 15 min after the rain stopped and then the sun came out again....:) haha then we were arriving home and a tree fell in the middle of the street, breaking the power lines and it happened in the same storm that we were caught in... the power went out in almost all of the neighborhood :) 

This week was a tough week. Our main investigator got lazy with us and unfortunately Lucas wont be baptized as quickly as we thought. This week was crazy with rain and sunshine on the same days.

There are some recording that we did this week :) unfortunately we are already out of time here. 

I love you all, the church is true:)
Elder Iverson

transfers are the 17th we will see what happens. ;) 

well sadly there was an error on the memory card and all the stuff that I had, was washed away.................. Sad..... but it is good that the mission isnt about the pictures we take, :) love you and have a great week :) 

This photo was sent via Facebook from Elder Barton's mother.  It was the only photo this week.  Awesome photo of the District Conference.

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