Monday, May 16, 2016

Good Times - Morumbi Exchanges

We know that God always takes care of us and always wants us to do our best. Sometimes we get disappointed because we are unable to do everything correctly. This is actually a very common feeling that we have (2 Nephi 4:17-35) But what we know is that the Lord will be satisfied with our work if we put in our all. Not 99% but 100% when we can understand this, we will have more success. There isn't anything that can hold us back, other then ourselves and our doubts. We need to get these out of our heads. We are children of God and capable of all things. But we need to push ourselves. We don't get blessings for going through the motions, or for thinking we deserve them. We get them when we put our all on the line and we are humble. Humility is key. 

Here in the mission we can see all of these things. We can see that life is more than the work, the business, the soccer, the activities, the school, (not that these things aren't important) but life is about our personal effort to please God. Not Joe or Bob or Sally, but Our Father in Heaven. When we please God above all else we will see all the other little things fall into place. And when we look back, we will see that he wasn't taking care of us, but was carrying us through all the tough times. We will see the Spirit move through us, and we will see that our efforts actually are worth something. 

But when this happens we need to remember to be humble again. 

I love you all. Know that we are loved. Don't forget to be grateful.

Elder Iverson.

PS: the mission is incredible. I wouldn't trade these years for anything. 

I had the great opportunity to do exchanges with Elder Coubrow, the AP.  I was able to visit many of my friends from my first area, Morumbi.

This is Nair.  The first lady I was able to baptize.

This is Jeremy.  He was also baptized while I was in Morumbi.  He is awesome.  He is thinking on serving a mission.


This is a wonderful member family.

Maria and Lordes.  Lords has gone through the temple and Maria is taking the temple classes and preparing to go.  It is so amazing to see people progress in the gospel.

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