Monday, May 30, 2016

We Live in a Good Place

This week was a week that we learn a lot. We had many experiences that we were able to strengthen our selves.

This week we had our Multi-Zona Conference. or our Zone conference. And we learned a lot about how we need to be ready to use our Priesthood power. Everybody that receives the priesthood needs to exercise the power. There is a difference between power and authority. Sister Costa (Elder Claudio Costa of the 70s wife.) gave us a great talk about this. How we are able to act in the office that we are called. And how we can be true disciples of Christ and use the power that he gave to the apostles who was passed to the worthy men of the Church of God today. So men, use your power correctly. We can do miracles today. (ready Russell M Nelsons talk from Conference in April) 

This week we were able to see some of the effects of sin. This week was the national and international gay parade in SP. and of course as we have the center of the city, it happened in the middle of the city. And there weren't a few people. Lets just say sometimes the enemy of God has a way about convincing the people that wickedness is happiness when in reality we know that it is not. I hope in the middle of our comfort, and in the middle of the world that is worsening, we can find strength in the Lord. We need to be strong. Sometimes we don't realize how bad the world is getting. But it is bad. And we need to be careful of the things we do, so that we can be strong in the battle that is happening.

I know that life is a funny thing. We need to do our best to get something better. 
I love you all.

Happy Birthday to Mom this week. as of tomorrow you now have a 20 year old mom. I am getting old... opa!

Elder Iverson ❤

We also had a neat opportunity to meet with the whole mission to have a going aways party for President.  It was fun to be with the entire mission and we got to Skype our new mission president, Thomas W. Thomas and his wife.

Funny experience.  One of the Elders has some trouble sleeping so he has some sleeping pills.  To play a little joke he crushed them up and put them in all of our drinks.  Needless to say we had a hard time staying awake this day.

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