Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Big City -Cerqueira César

This week was a great week here in SP. In the transfer I am here in the middle of the city. IT is so awesome. Lots different from where I was.

There are many homeless in our area and most other's live in apartments. And the streets smell like pee. So it makes us grateful that we don't live in a big city.  There is a really rich area in the city that makes us think we are in the USA when we are there.  We also have a famous street in our area, Palista.  It is like a Time Square or Las Vegas Blvd.  It is a very nice commercial street.  It has every nice car dealership: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ashtyn Martin, BMW, etc.

I got here last Tuesday. And the work here is different. We have to work a lot more with the members. The people on the street don’t stop. We talk to the people in the street we stop them and we talk to them. In other areas it is very easy because the people stop to listen. Here the people just cruse on by, some don’t even look at you, some make excuses, and others just get mad. But that is what the mission is about. 

We had an awesome experience this week. This ward is a little bit cold as far as the missionaries go. We visited a convert and I had the impression to challenge her to share the gospel with her neighbors (she lives in an apartment building with 20 floors, 10 apts on every floor) and she got excited and started taking us to all the people on her floor. We visited 8 people, and were able to teach 3 of them in the moment. The woman who is Sandra, was so happy with the situation that she said I have more people to share with. WOW. What the spirit can do to us. She got so excited that she knocked on a door that she didn’t even know, and we started to teach the people, and we now have a new investigator (felipe, see the pics) because of her. IT is so essential that we as member of the church of Jesus Christ share the gospel. We need to do it. For no other reason then God tells us to do it. So that is a great reason to do it. :) 

Our new investigator Flipe. He loves the Book of Mormon.  He speaks English and is 19. He likes us :)

These days here in SP are cold, like it was totally comfortable to wear long sleeves the whole day. Something that is not normal here. It even got to the point that I wore a sweater at night. The cold is coming, but the work is on fire as we keep working hard here in Cerqueira César. SP doesn’t know whats coming ;)

Happy Mothers day to all moms and missionaries 

Elder Iverson 

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