Monday, May 23, 2016

Unexpected Changes

This week was a week that we know that our patience was tested. Not everything that happens we have control of, and we need to realize that everything happens how God wants it to happen. It is so incredible that the intelligence of God is superior to literally every single other thing. 

This week we were able to work normally and had a few unexpected things that took place with our Zone. We got a call on Saturday that we would be moving to another house. We weren't very happy about it, (you can imagine my companion with 2 weeks to go) having to pack up everything and head out. But we did it because we know that Presidente Del Guerso is inspired to do what he does. He has a difficult task, but does what the Lord needs him to do. SO we moved and we now need to take a bus (30 mins.) everyday for work, (it is really like a job now, we take the bus to go work, then return when we have finished our work)   

We are working hard. We are excited for the things that God has in store for us and this area. 

This week we will have more good experiences. 

Love you all.

Elder Iverson 

Elder Mayfield, all packed up and ready to move.  Good-bye to our tiny apartment.

Moving Day.

Our new roommates and home for the next 8 weeks.  We had to celebrate with pizza, and the delivery many delivers us the wrong pizza, so we had to laugh.

My area.  Many, many buildings.

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