Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Temple P-day's are the Best

This week has been a great one.  Today is p-day because we got the chance to go to the temple today. And the temple was fabulous. All in Portuguese from today until about Aug of 2016, but I could understand a good deal of it, it wasn't easy, but it was easier.  I felt the spirit so strong, I went in with questions, and feel as though the Lord answered them, and is putting me well on my way to be the man he wants me to be.  

Last pday, we played Ping Pong, and it was fun.  E Jacobson is alright (if you must know I let him win some points, after the first game was 21-0 :) oops :)  We are going to play again today and with more people so we probably are going to have a tournament. 

Ping Pong Match with Elder Jacobson
Elder Jacobson's version (compliments of his mom) of the story:  
"I figured out my companion is really good at ping pong. We got to the chapel and I was all ready to teach my filho amado a lesson about ping pong and then he whipped out a can of "whoop your daddy of the mission at ping pong" It was really sad how bad he beat me, But now I have motivation to get better. "
Loved visiting the Arena de São Paulo
Awesome looking bridge that is famous in SP. The house of a member was really close, and if you look close there is a soccer field under the bridge :) 

The government is tearing down the favela (slum) and putting all the people in these apartments (red, green and blue) They all have soccer in the middle
Mouth drooling - tears shed for the game he loves!
So I’m not sure if you know. But it’s a rule, yes sad but true, that we can't play soccer or any sport with a ball, minus ping pong on the mish..... :( I only cried a lot!  

People don't care how they live, as long as they have soccer :) very cool to see 

This week with investoragots.  (wow, I am not going to try to spell in english anymore sorry :) ;) We had the family of Rosa (7 people Andrea, Andre, Anderson, Alessandra, Alessandro) Yes, I am not sure why she did that but they are a darling family, and we want to baptize them so bad.  This area is in need of one.  And 7 would we just the number to break the few month drought. 

Also we taught a guy who asked us on the street. "You guys are the mormons right?" in English. And he talked in english the entire lesson, in the shopping center right by the temple, and we responded in Portuguese.  It was a great experience.  We are in need of investigators. A major part of the contacts we do never live in the area, We give a lot of references to other areas, but we are in need of people to teach.  We are praying. 

Elder Iverson and Elder Jacobsen ready to Do the Work!
Elder Jacobson "en" (yes he is a stud), he taught me a lot and helped me apprender (learn) the best way to contact. Just talk with everyone.  So the next day when I was with E Jacobson, I got three contacts solo, while he taught a lesson on the street.  That was awesome.

Also with Jacobson "en" I had chocolate boarder pizza. Regular pizza with chocolate in the crust :) its not bad ;) 

For Jettstar... the Blue Berry!

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