Monday, October 27, 2014

Woah! It's Week 5!

So this is crazy. But this week was the fastest one yet. Honestly it feels like I am emailing every 3 days not seven. This week was an interesting one thats for sure. Starting with last p day. We ate at a place called Habibs you can look at the place, right by Walmart and the temple. It was pretty good.  Then we played ping pong in the chapel with Elder Castilla and Jacobsen ('en' not my comp 'on'.)  Elder JacobsEn (not comp) was very good and actually beat me. I was impressed. We will see who wins next time ;) 

Then we played Phase 10.  We play one set everyday before bed and it is a good old time. We also eat some good old ice cream. This morning we had, with my sandwich (egg, ham, cheese), ice cream and cake that our neighbor who is moving made for us.  She was so sweet and always makes food for us. Its going to be sad when she moves Friday.  

Also we met a new guy named Rubens (said who-beans:) he was like 90 years old, but only would slap hands then pound it or here we say 'toque la' great fun and he always compliments my ties :) l love the people.  

Happy to wear my sweater and my silly comp wanted to be in the picture as well.

This week I had a divisao com E Castilla de Columbia.  He is a stud. And we taught a lesson that was really deep to a guy who is struggling with smoking. He said that he couldn’t help it. So, I shared the scripture Alma 7;11-13 with him. And shared that our Savior has literally done everything for us. If we have a struggle, He is going to 100% of the time help us. I told him, (Thank you Elder Wallace for this idea) to look at a picture of Christ every time that he had the urge to smoke and think of all the things Christ did and does for us. And ask if it wasn't enough.  He promised to stop, we will see what happens because he isn't in the area, so I don't know.  But that was really spiritual. 
Elder Castilla from Columbia
The family of Rosa turned out to be a little less then expected. We invited them to come to church, and the one Rapaz that said he would come.  Then he was told by the father, who we haven't met, that he can not come. :( so that was a bummer.) We are still trying, and I have some tricks up my sleeve that I am going to try today. Wish me luck :) 

Also, we got rain for the first time in a long time. Sao Paulo is in a drought and rain was wonderful.   I got to wear my jacket, and walk around in the rain, which wasn't bad. I am promised more is coming and I love it. 

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