Monday, October 6, 2014

Vida no campo

This week has been an interesting one thats for sure. One of changes and one of new things. 

And when arriving in the field found that I probably landed in the most difficult part of Brazil. :) The last time they had a batsimo in this area was 4 months ago...... so, we have some serious work to do, and all the contantos we receive live in other areas, because our area (sorry, the area of the temple, known as Morumbi) Look at the street views of some of the houses that we are teaching at.  Very humbling. 

On Tuesday, we met our trainers (Pai) and I got a good one. He isn't a Brazilerio, mas we only speak Portuguese with each other, he is Elder Jacobson and from Georgia, Augusta. I asked, he doesn't like golf :) and so the adventure begins.  

Where I live!
My Trainer, Elder Jacobson
We took or attempted to take my bags to our house. It wasn't long, 7 minutes before one of the wheels erupted from heat, then it didn't take long for the other suitcase to want to follow suit, and it busted a wheel. So we dragged, not rolled my suitcases about a half a mile, uphill to the house, that was something. Oh yes, we were in our suits so it was ridiculously hot.  That was fun.

But the apartment, it is great. But lets just take a minute and respect the bathroom. I literally, no exaggeration, showered, brushed my teeth, and went to the restroom at the exact same time.. :) haha

Did forget to mention I have the privilege of preaching in the shadow of the Sao Paulo FC stadium. It is lovely. When there are games you can tell by the light in the sky, the smell of alcohol and smoke, and the quantity of people yelling from the numerous bars here. But, it is a great sight to see. 

Thanks for all the letters! I love them and everyone teases me about the quantity I have,; but I love it!! I don't rub it in, but when people said "Again? Iverson" I just smile. Thanks for being the best support group out there. 

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