Monday, October 13, 2014

Week #2 Morumbi

So life is good here in the good old Sao Paulo West Morumbi Area.  

We found a family of 7 people this week, and we are going to try and commit them to baptism.  They were: a contact, on Thursday night, and Friday morning we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of baptism, and today we are going to teach them the restoration and probably commit them to baptism.   

Also, I asked my first person to be baptized this week, and she said she would pray about it and ask if it was the right thing to do. This pesquisador thinks all religions are good, and we are trying to allow her to see the truth in the church. 

Also today we taught a lesson at what they call the "Portaria", all buildings are gated and locked at all times, so the apartments, which there are a lot of, have a security guy, and we taught a lady named Trezinha the restoration. 

Also there is a ridiculous amount of street vendors. They sell everything and some kids juggle in the streets during red lights to try and get money all a very sad thing to see, but got to love it.  

Sunday was interesting. The schedule here is backwards of there, so Elders Quorum 1st then sunday school, then sacrament, which yesterday was the testimony meeting. Yes, I did bare my testimony and E Jacobson said he understood all of the words. After sacrament we ate with a sister on our street. And the house em baixo, (normally there are more than one house to every gate, fundos means the house is behind the other house, and a baixo means you literally are under the other house) had a sister who is learning english, not by class or professor, but by reading the book "Just Do It" by Nike, and she did very well I was impressed!! 

Also on Sunday was a fun day to finally meet Bro and Sis Swenson, they are in my ward!! It was fun to talk to them. They were so sweet and friendly he said if I needed help with anything to give him a call. 

Also, we got invited to sing in sacrament next week. Which is ironic, because I already knew this, and it only took my comp 2 days to notice, but I am tone deaf. I can't sing worth a darn. SO that will be fun. We are on our way to play ping pong today in the chapel. That will be fun in our church clothes. 

It is getting hot.  And when I say hot, I mean hot. Luckily Sao Paulo is in a drought ;) so there isn't humidity, but its hot, 37 Celsius whatever that is:) and the air is terrible. They have a scale Green-Yellow-Organge-Red-Purple.  Occasionally green, normally yellow or orange, and often Red. But yesterday and Saturday it was Purple. You could see what looked like a massive cloud over Sao Paulo, but is was only pollution. ! Woah. So it is hot, dry for now, nasty air, and long days of walking and walking. Wednesday we had the chance to walk from the very bottom of our area for lunch.  But the person Mimi lived on the entire 7th floor of an apartment building so that was awesome. (The picture of me in the house being silly is in her house :) 

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