Sunday, May 31, 2015

Aniversario 19!

My birthday banner that I absolutely loved :) 

Well many noteworthy things happened this week, the most worthy of a note would be the fact that I now have to tell people that I am 19. :) I had a wonderful birthday. To start of my darling family sent me a banner that I would like to thank everyone for that, I absolutely loved it. And all the treats the Brasilians ate right up. I would like to thank you all for the birthday wishes. 

The day was great, started out with a wonderful cake :) haha ;) Elder Castro made rice for me :) and I threw an egg on there. 

BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I guess i have to be 19 now :) haha thanks mom for the goodies :) 

We got the the church, and it was a normal day. Me and Elder Farias taught Gospel Principles. We had a great time teaching, and it is a great experience teaching in Portuguese. I love the people here. And the best thing that happened yesterday would have to be the baptisms. I had a great present of getting to baptize Adriano, and see another 7 people choose to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized.

A sweet note that my buddy Elder Farias gave me, (his english is good) better than mine ;0 haha 

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