Saturday, May 2, 2015

Shaking Hands with an Apostle

And for a highlight of the week we had the chance to talk to D. Todd Christofferson!!!! What what???  

He was great. He started off the meeting with a Q&A. We listened to some questions that he answered with love and care, and then he taught us a great lesson about how we as missionaries have the duty to "Cry repentance and nothing but repentance to the people" and he explained that our message is centered on the forgiving power of the Atonement. He talked about  the Justification and Sanctification that come from the Atonement. 

What a powerful talk. Then he bore that powerful Apostle testimony that he pretty much said that he has seen Jesus Christ with out saying that in words. You know? He was incredible, and yes, I did get to shake his hand. He has blue eyes that lead straight to heaven my friends. He is incredible. :) and the spirit that I felt was super strong. 

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