Monday, May 25, 2015

May is Coming to an End!

Well... I cant believe that it is already the end of May, and that next P-day I will be 19. It is weird to say :) but life here in Caucaia is great. I am absolutely loving it :) This week was yet again wonderful :) 

To start out. We are teaching two people that will be baptized on Sunday. Lucas and Adriano. This week I will snag a photo for you guys. But Lucas is 15 and has a great desire to do what is right:) He accepted the baptismal invite in the first lesson and is doing well to progress to his baptism. 

Adriano was a reference of the temple. He loves the church and was nervous at first to be baptized. We talked a lot with him and he always accepted the church, but it was difficult to be baptized. During a split Elder Waters and Castro challenged him to pray in the moment to be baptized :) and he accepted!!!! And they both will be baptized on my birthday :) what a birthday present ;) 

Elders Westover, Farias, Cook on Splits with Elder Iverson
As for some other news. Our recent Baptism Flavia has been studying a lot and asked something that I found quite hilarious :) We were talking to her and asked if she had any questions. And she went and grabbed The Pearl of Great Price, opened to the facsimile of Abraham and asked "What in the world is this?" haha I was like "What????" in my head of course :) she had been studying a lot and was learning a lot. haha I had never been asked about the facsimile before. 

We are teaching a guy that has a whole lot of problems. He was a user of Crack, but he stopped, but he is a heavy heavy drinker, and likes to smoke. I have seen the guy sober one time, and we are trying to help the guy stop. It is really sad, but with God nothing is impossible. :) he says somethings that are funny :) and this week he told Elder Castro that he is "meio gatão" trazlation: "kinda hot" ;) haha and he calls Elder Castro irmãozão  and me irmãozinho. :) 

We found a new family to teach. Of 4 people. They are great, Saturday we had a lesson with them and the dad calls me "Americano" he won’t call me by my name :) haha it is great. They ask a whole lot of questions, and we are able to teach very well to them. Their only problem, they cant wake up early. Saturday they woke up at 1 o´clock :) haha But that is just a small matter. 

Life is good here in Brasil. With a continuation of the bible I am reading now about the Law of Moses. Wow it has a lot to it. It was interesting I didn’t really know the story of the 10 commandments. How the Lord told Moses to prepare the people at the base of the mountain and then came the storm clouds and lightning. And the Lord talked to the people about the 10 commandments. Interesting. 

I also learned a few things interesting this week. Since the Fall of Adam God (the father) doesn’t work directly with man. He uses his son Jesus Christ to talk to the prophets. So we know that the 10 commandments were given to Moses through Jesus, that Jesus talked to Noah, to all the prophets of the Bible, until today. Thomas S. Monson talks with Jesus Christ to know what we need to learn :) Me and Elder Castro have been talking a lot about the Pearl of Great Price. Wow, this book is a winner. It has so much stuff :) I love to study and read. :) I challenge you guys to read a little of the Pearl of Great Price, it truly has some of Gods secrets in there. 

amo vcs :) fiquem fortes, e festejar sempre. ;) 
(I love you guys :) remain strong , and party ever. ;)

Élder Iverson 

ps Chess update, 66-11 ;) oops 

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