Monday, May 4, 2015

Caucaia in the Cold.. What? What?

Well what a week :) To start off it is starting to get cold, and when I say cold I mean cold for Brasil. So I wear a long sleeve shirt, or a sweater, and it is perfect, still I little too warm to wear a sweater the whole day. But at night, let me tell you, its getting chilly. And I will say that the fuzzy socks that were sent are getting their use out of them. (thanks Mom) :)  

This week was sweet, we found a new family to teach that is incredible. Vandeir, Victoria(17), Vitor(12), Igor(9), and Estefane(5). What a great group of people. We met them on Monday (one week ago) they agreed to come to church and loved it yesterday. We taught them about the Book of Mormon, and they are reading, and we have a date set for 24 of this month. 

Another family that we are teaching is Jessica, Jair, and Julia (7). What a great family. Jessica is pregnant and due this week, and they are way neat. They love to receive visits, and Jair is going through a hard part in his life. But we are helping them realize the importance of the church and Jesus Christ. Funny story when we were talking to them about the church we finished explaining how the church of Jesus Christ is here on the earth again. And Jessica with a lot of animation ask "And where is this church? is there one in Caucaia?" haha it is funny because she walks past the church almost every day to walk Julia to school :) haha but they are a great family. 

So that was the week. In the chess update Elder Iverson is still leading strong after a brief losing streak, and the scoreboard is now at 10-4 for Elder Iverson. :) ahah Elder Castro is doing well. He is learning to teach well. 

I learned something funny this week. That the english that is being taught here is funny. Elder Castro learned that when you say 14 or 40. you say "for-t" and it means both numbers :) haha I just laughed :) 

The stats of the week, we had 8 pesq come to church this week, and was so neat to see their progress :) 

Elder Iverson está bem. Just loving the work. There is literally nothing better than seeing someone accept that the gospel is true, and feel of the Spirit. This is a point that I am learning a whole lot about. Before the mish, it wasn’t necessary for me to bring the spirt, I kind of just did the things because I knew they were right, But I never felt the spirit helping and guiding me. And here in Brasil, a little Plain City boy is learning a lot about the Spirit. 

Invite the spirit with all your actions, and our lives will be blessed :)

amo vcs. 
É. Iverson

ps (até Domingo) 

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