Monday, May 18, 2015

Missionary Life is Fabulous

Well, what a great week here in Caucaia. We had a great great week :) 

To start out we have found a few new people to teach. And they are all sorts of different. 

Maria, and her husband Luiz are super "crente" or they are really believers in their church. And she explained to us that she was having a tough time without a car, and that life was good, and God is good, but without a car life is hard. And we visited in 4 days, and she told us "Angels, I have good news for you!!!" and she was beaming with a smile and practically bouncing!!! And she told us that she was going to get a car????? WHAT???? like it was nuts.... she was crying and yelling, and praying, all at the same time, and it was incredible the fact that she was getting a car out of no where :) haha so that is the funny story of the week :) We had a good laugh just at the strangeness of the situation. 

This week we had a few service projects :) First we helped out a lady that isn’t a member, but her granddaughter is. She is super nice and loves that we help her, she just wants nothing, for now, to know about the church. But all is good. Also we helped a lady move houses. 

On Thursday we did a contact with a lady (Fernanda) and she said that she was moving two houses down and was really stressed out. (*side note: people seem to tell us everything because we are missionaries and it is really neat) We offered to help her out and she accepted. So Friday we helped her out. I am convinced that a mission is training to do everything in a white shirt and tie, when I get home, whatever you want, I think I will be able to do in a white shirt and tie :) but all is good. 

Something that I am really appreciating in the mission is the life that I have. I was raised in the gospel, and in the bubble of Plain City Utah, and am really appreciating the life I had. Without a whole lot of problems other than what socks I would wear, and if I could impress that cute girl on the other side of the classroom. :) Life here in Brasil is great. And everyone is great, but I sure do miss Plain City Utah :) take advantage of the life that you all have, one day you will miss it :) 

Life is good, as you will see this week we found a giant spider in the path.

and the mission life is difficult on the shoes :) 

Elder Castro after one month absolutely destroyed his shoes :) haha 

But the life of a missionary is fabulous... :) I am in love with Brasil, and it is weird to think that I will have to return home in 15 months... but it will be good :) 

Elder Iverson over and out, until next week :) 

as an update for chess... 48-8 :) haha 

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