Monday, March 21, 2016

Baptism from Heaven

Well the time is flying by so fast that I can believe it, I think that it isn’t fair. But here is another P-day. This week was an incredible one. We got to help two people do convenience with the Lord. 

The first is Gabriel. He is Lucas''s brother and he is awesome. Ever since the first time we talked to him we could tell that he is special. He loves reading the BoM. He got a testimony and stopped drinking coffee from the moment that he found out that God doesn't want him to, and choose his brother to baptize him. The baptism was very special. Lucas was a little nervous seeing that last week he received the Aaronic Priesthood. Bishop helped him know how to baptise and then they got into the water. And it was smooth sailing. After a big bear hug and the spirit. 

Elder Stevens, Bruno, Gabriel, Lucas, Elder Iverson and little Gabriel (a nephew)
Gabriel was baptized by his brother Lucas, it was way awesome.

The Gospel is true. God has a plan and we can see that in all the people that we talk to. (even those that don’t accept the gospel for right now) 

We also got to baptize Julia.(the picture you can see a young lady there in white in the middle of all the people) She has been going to church for 4 months. She goes to another church because it is closer. But seeing as though she lives in our area, we baptized her, and we will confirm her in our ward. We are very blessed to know her. She is a huge example to us. She has 100% certainty of what she wants to do. 

The church is true. Keep up the work. Do your Home teaching visits. And read the scriptures. :)

Elder Iverson

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