Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How Good We Got It?

Well my friends and we meet again on another P-day. The time is going by so so fast that it is difficult to believe. We are working hard and we know that the Lord helps us work harder than we can on our own.

This week was a great one and we found a lot of people to teach. We know that the Lord asks our best and gives us challenges everyday. WE see that the investigators have needs and we need to show how the gospel can meet their personal needs.

This week we met two people that have some pretty heavy addictions. Jairo and Eduardo.

Jairo is a friend of a member, and he is a very heavy drinker. We met him a few weeks ago and he was working so hard that we couldn’t talk to him. This week we got to talk to him and his wife. They are so awesome, the first time he was alright, he hadn’t drank for the day, and he wants to stop. We had a very spiritual lesson where we testified of the BoM and how it will help his life and if he reads he will be able to avoid the temptations that come. The next time we got there and he was knocked out. We were very saddened and we had a great lesson about the Savior with his wife Celia. She was saddened to tears. We bore powerful testimony about the Atonement.

Eduardo is a young guy 25 and he has problems with cigarets. He is a great guy just with a lot of difficulties. His mom is supper worried about him. We also got to help him come to church and we are helping him choose the right. He is a great guy but with some bad friendships.

We are very fortunate for what we have. 

We know that our friendships and the choices we make will change us for the good and for the bad. A great choice that you could do is go to General Conference. What a better place to learn of the will of God. 

I hope you all had a great Easter.

I love you all.

Elder Iverson

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