Monday, March 7, 2016

FHE :)

This week was a great week that we as missionaries could see the work going forth.  With lots of work to get done until the 19th of July we gotta get started now. 

We are working a lot with Lucas's brother Gabriel. Who you can see in the pictures in the street with the BoM. He is liking the BoM a lot and he is seeing his brother get better everyday. Lucas got the Aaronic Priesthood this week, and it is always a great experience to see our friends who are newly turned members grow in the gospel. 

This week we had the chance to have a sweet FHE with a few members. We were able on many experiences share our testimonies and help the people feel the spirit. We talked about how we know that the church is true. 

The cute little kid is named Miguel. He likes to play around and take pictures. 

We had an awesome FHE with Vagner it was also his birthday. (I am with him and the candy braclete that Nana sent.)

Our personal testimonies are something that no one can take from us. Not the 'smartest' pastor, or craziest person, or nothing. What God has given us as an answer we need not doubt. We know that the church is true. We don’t need to explain with pretty words or prove to the people what the Holy Ghost gave us. We know what we know, and through the Spirit others may know as well. 

All is well here in Brasil. We are healthy and Happy. 

The boys. There is Mateus, Diego and Gabriel with the BoM (above)

I love you all.

Good luck to my stud brother who is heading to NV to play some soccer. You will rip it up Jettstar. Ill be cheering you on here from Brasil. Go show them some Iverson skills. 😎

Elder Iverson 

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