Monday, March 14, 2016

Rain Rain and More Rain

Well this week passed with such velocity that we didn't even see it pass. We went to sleep on Monday night and woke up on Monday morning again. Wow. But we are working hard and having a great time in the mission. 

This week was crazy here in SP, don’t worry we are safe, we are in a safe and high area, but this week there was extreme flooding in SP. 80% of the rain in the month fell on one night, and the city wasn’t ready. But we are all well, healthy and safe. In the middle of all the rain, there will also be some water this weekend here in The Rose Garden. 

Our friend Gabriel will be baptized this week. He is a great young man and we see the changes in his life that he is making. This Thursday we taught about the Word of Wisdom. And he drank coffee. We challenged him to stop drinking and he accepted and was able to stop from that exact moment. We are very impressed with his desire and repentance that he is showing. We know that through Jesus Christ all these things are possible. 

This week I finished the BoM again in the mish, and yet again I can fell of its truthfulness and divine nature. I know that the BoM is true. Reading both in English and Portuguese varias times, I know that it is the same powerful testimony of Christ. It shows us his love, how much he cares about us, about how the gospel will bless our lives. It also shows us the sadness of those that chose to reject the gospel. Reading Moroni 9 I feel nothing but sadness for the Nephites and Lamanites. They were such good people, but even the best people can fall. We need to continue progressing and not digressing. 

We know that the church is true, and that Christ is the Salvador. But are we practicing? Are we getting better? That will have to be the question. If we aren’t see the blessings in our lives. Be patient, and keep keeping the commandments. (try harder to be more obedient) and things will work out. 

Also this week is a very special week for the cutest couple out there. 🎉Congrats🎉 Mom and Dad on 22 years together on the 16th. You are the best. And I thank you for your love and support for me and my siblings. We couldn't have asked for better parents.

the best for you all

Elder Iverson  

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