Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week of Work

The four Elders of our ward: Elder Alves, Me, Elder Stevens, and Elder Villar

Me with Diego. He is a young man in our ward.  He has 13. And we had a cool experience this week.  We were eating lunch at his house this week and he's like tomorrow I am going to go visit the people.  He never had this desire to visit people with us, but it was way cool.

The next day he got all dressed up in his church clothes to go visit with us.

I found Ozzi a girlfriend in Brazil.
This is Jeinaldo.  He is the President of the High Priests. 

We ate hot dogs and had our Family Home Evening. They invited their neighbors to come and we had a good family home evening. Way good times.

This is Arturo.  He is the grandson of a member.  He is a real cool dude.

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