Monday, November 24, 2014

Mission Life

We have lunch appointments each day. normally 12-1:) this is a good sized meal, and the members are normally awesome with it. We sometimes get money, like 50 reais, and we buy normally chicken nuggets, bread with cheese in it, sorvet, fruit. And I have yet to eat ramen here, I eat a lot of sandwich for breakfast, and we buy pizza with a chocolate boarder once or twice every 3 weeks :) If we want to eat dinner, usually we pass a house of a member before returning home, and they give us a snack, sometimes we get a full meal :)

We get around $140 Reais each 15 days. Which changes because the money comes in $US so when the dollar rises, we get more :) 

I can take pictures whatever day I want, I don't like to take my camera places but I will start to take more pictures with the members and what not :) 

We have a phone for our dupla, we use it to call who ever, phones on the churches plan are free, and we have 100 min with investigators :) 

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