Monday, November 17, 2014

New Friends and Great Contacts!

We....had a golden day on Saturday.  Normally because our area has many things like Shopping, and the stadium, most of the people don't live here. But on Saturday we had 6 or 7 people that we talked with on the street that live here. So we found 7 new houses to visit, and we will visit them this week. I am praying for the best :) 

We have two new elders living with us this week. They are not in our area; they are in  the area next to us that got spilt.  And they are just living with us. One is a Brasilerio and one is a Utah born and raised. He went to the CTM in Provo and then here, and he is struggling with the language. I feel sorry for him and am helping him learn the best I can. 

Elder Barros and Elder Dohnal. He is from Utah :) he went to West Jordon.

A soccer game for Sao Paulo just finished. And we passed the side of the stadium, and as we said "We walked through Hell!”  It was crazy. Everyone (not exaggerating) was smoking, and had at minimum of one beer in hand with more to the side. Wowzers, that was fun, and an experience :) haha Love the people here ;) 

We had lunch with a guy who was investigating the church for 6 years. His family (two kids and wife) are members, but he couldn’t do it. One day he was walking in a park with his son who was 4 years old. The son said "Everything is so beautiful, Dad can we do something?" And that something was a prayer, and the cute 4 year old said dad can we kneel? :) after the sincere prayer of the son, the dad was baptized.  And 11 months later, he was made bishop. GREAT Story.

I started and finished a book that everyone needs to read!!!!  Believing Christ by Stephen E Robinson.  It is about the power of grace, mercy, and justice of God. Wowzers!  It explains great about the atonement and grace some of my favorite quotes :)

"Mercy isn’t mercy if we deserve it; so grace isn’t grace if we earn it"

"God knows our circumstances and judges accordingly. He knows who is standing in a hole, and who is standing on a chair and he does not just measure height; He measures growth."

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