Monday, November 24, 2014

The Work

This week we had a divisão I was with elder Davies again. We had a good time, we taught a lesson to a family they had, and we shared the material very well, I love to teach the people in other areas, I am not sure why  just do :) 

Then we taught Tais, she is the older lady, that we marked, after much much hesitation for Baptism. She is just very very very timid, and it doesn't help that her cousin goes to church every week but isn't baptized.... But she said she would pray about it :) 

We taught two young friends in what we call the mini favela. They are just two guys that don't know much about the biblia or gospel, but they came to church with us this week!!! .... the house they live in was two mattresses on the cement floor, a table with a sink (for both food, and laundry) and a other table with a tv, and a pile of clothes under. It was very humbling to teach someone that lives in a "house" smaller than your room. Just made me more grateful for the blessings I have in my life :)

We also talked with a less active that I like more and more every time we visit. Named Filipe he is 24 and loves when we come and visit. The last time we talked with them we talked about soccer.  He is a Man U fan so that was awesome!!!!! Talked about CoD that was also awesome!!!!! And he loves to play FIFA, I was thinking "You are the freakin man!" haha he is awesome, and we are going to work with him to come back to church :) 

Then to Sunday, we had a great sunday!! to say the least.  We had 6 investigators in the church :)!!! what what!!! haha technically 7 but one is a youngin that is 7 years old so a family of 4. Manuel, Cida, Joel 17, and Samuel 7. They are awesome, they have another religion and think that their baptisms are already valid in their church, but they were there, and said that they wanted to eat lunch with us one time, so we will see :) They loved the meetings I think. 

Then we had a mom of a recent convert, she lives very far away, but comes here sometimes to church because her son lives here with her sister :) So she came and then the two humble dudes came as well. They have to work everyday so they left before sacrament, but they came, and when I say this I am not making fun or diminishing him, but just so you guys know :) One of the guys "Romario" came in jean shorts, a t shirt, and flip flops :) he is awesome :) haha I love it here"""" 

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