Monday, November 3, 2014

Work on the Streets of São Paulo

This week we ran into a atheist.  I bore testimony to him (he said he loved his family) about how he could have a forever family, and if nothing more than wanting to live with your family forever, could you not believe in God? and still he was persistent. Got to love him.

We did find a family that lives in a house, in a gated community, that had a motorcycle escort us to the door of the house, which the house had personal security also. It was kind of nuts. But we are teaching them now, and it is good to find new people to teach. This family lives South East of the temple, and is a long old walk to their house.

Our best neighbor moved yesterday, and it is sad. She would always give us food, and shampoo, and more food, and bags, and cake, and ice cream. Oh, I will miss her. But all is well. 

Also speaking about cake, we had lunch and the member yesterday gave us cake.  Later we past a homeless person, so I thought, I need to give this to him. And so, there is a homeless man with some great tasting bolo. :) 

I started the book Jesus the Christ, and it is life changing. Everyone needs to read this book. You learn more about our Savior and the things he does for us and the incredible love he has for us.  

So, everyone read the Jesus the Christ, it is difficult to start, but after you will be grateful for the knowledge you learned.

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