Monday, November 24, 2014

Old Friend New Shoes

The week started with a lovely experience of Irma Helena, the same who 'moved' but is moving back in the casa of an other person. I don't know the situation :) haha But she called us up and said let’s go to shopping (the mall) they call it "Shopping" here. And she bought us shoes, so I got some "chique boatinhas"; they look good and I wanted a brown pair of shoes so that is awesome. And in shopping they have Christmas set up, and a slide, and yes of course me and elder Jacobson slid down :) haha that is the blurry photo. 

Then the next few days were good, the same Irma took us to the temple for lunch, and she paid, this was a day we received money, so we just pocketed :) 

From Irma Helena, "Your son had lunch in my house last monday and he was here minutes ago. He and his comp are so special. He speaks portuguese very well and he-s here only for a month."

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