Monday, November 10, 2014

Tranferencia 1 Acabou

Wow. Transfer one done. 

This week was good, although we had to say goodbye to our neighbor that always fed us. Which is sad, because no more 8:45 treats.  

Helena Pinheros our Friendly Neighbor
This week was the high of highs and some tough days also.Tuesday was the highlight!!!
We helped one family move and also we taught a couple people. Carol, a girl that we are trying to help but is difficult, because she doesn’t want to come to church.... tough. But we marked her (again) for Baptism!! We will, see I hope she comes.

Also, we visited a contact named Diego. He was awesome We shared the Restoration. and he loved it. We also asked him to prepare to get baptized (after he found these things to be true) he said yes!!!!  2 people marked in one day... wow. and it was all good until Diego isn't answering our calls, and we can't find him in casa.. and Carol couldn't come to church again. But life is all good. 

Tuesday evening a man was in the road with a broken down car. I asked E Jacobson, "You know a lot about cars?" he said he knew nothing, but we both knew we needed to help. We asked this gentleman if he wanted help. He said yes and in the pouring rain, we waited for the light to open (turn green) then pushed.  As we were pushing, I was saying a little prayer in my heart, and while we were pushing and in the middle of the intersection, the car started!! Woah.. prayers work my friends :) 
Dripping wet, but blessed by the power of prayer.
We had two non-members in the church last Sunday and one returned this Sunday!!!. Name Tais.  She is a nice lady and has a book full of questions for us. The story is this. She and the cousin. (This cousin isn't baptized, but she goes to church, lives the commandments, and is a 'Dry Mormon") She and the cousin Tais came to church. We taught a lesson to Tais.  The cousin lives in Brasilia so we aren't teaching her, but the other lady has promise.  Tais promised to return the next Sunday!!!! Yes it is nice to see someone who understands the joy the church brings. We are going to do our best to help her out. 

Primary Program was this past week. Oh my goodness was so cute. The theme was Families are eternal. And they had two families one at the start and one at the end, sing. It was adorable. The family at the end was a cute family of three kids: two girls and a little boy and this is how they were acting. The mom about 10 seconds in got teary, and 20 seconds in was crying. The little girls were singing beautifully. One had something in her eye the whole time and was trying to get it out, and wasn't singing. The little boy of 3 or 4 was trying to grab the microphone, and every time he succeeded we heard a loud voice singing something else :) and the dad, was trying the whole song to help the boy not touch the microphone. hahaha  It was hilarious and very adorable to me. 

The children are awesome and I love talking to them, even though most of them speak better than me :) haha but Portuguese is coming. I love to talk in it, and I get frustrated a lot with my self because I don't know something. But that is just the Iverson in me :) 

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